Chilean Patagonia offers some of the finest trout fishing opportunities in South America. Outcast Anglers is partnered with 180°Trout and is based in Southcentral Patagonia around the General Carrera Watershed.  

Southcentral Patagonia - Migratory Trout :  This fly fishing trip is based inside the General Carrera Lake watershed in Chilean Patagonia- offering some of the world’s most remote, ‘off-the-grid’ angling opportunities for trophy brown and rainbow trout. General Carrera is Chile’s largest lake (700+ sq. miles) and is the second largest lake in South America, only smaller than Lago Titicaca in Bolivia. The trout that inhabit ‘Carrera’ grow big and thrive in the lake’s deep cold waters. Our operation targets these fish as they transition from the lake into the headwaters of the watershed to begin their spawning process.

Dry fly, nymph, and streamer strategies can all be used with success. Typically, stripping streamers with a single-hand rod or swinging streamers with a switch rod prove to be met with the most reward. Water conditions and sunlight can have an effect on the level of fish activity, and it is important that each angler understands that a good day can be made out of three or four fish ranging from 20 to 30 inches.

While this trip may be initially attractive, it should be reserved for those who wish to cover large amounts of water on foot over rugged terrain. Additionally, the techniques used to target these fish often require advanced angling experience, a conditioned casting arm, and the ability to navigate in and around boulders/pocket water.